“New” Traffic Laws in Ontario

Currently there is a post from CTV News making it’s was around social media referring to the “New” traffic laws in Ontario coming into affect on September 1st. There is a lot of social buzz and commenting on whether these new laws are “too harsh”. Well, the debate over the new laws is pointless as these new laws came into affect LAST September 1st. Almost a year now and in Clarington/Durham there are so many people that aren’t aware of them. We have decided to give our followers a refresher in hopes that people will start obeying them for the safety of all.


  • Distracted Driving – You are not allowed to look, text, or talk on your phone. Period. This is simple enough to say but very few actually follow this rule. If you are focused on your phone for merely a second, that is long enough to cause a deadly accident. Before September 2015 the fine for this was around $200, for almost a year the fine is $490 and 3 demerit points upon conviction. It’s just not worth it. If you need to communicate with someone outside of your vehicle, get a hands-free system or pull over. This goes for Pokemon hunting too.


  • Crosswalks – This is one of the more extreme “new” laws and if you’re in downtown Toronto it is almost impossible to follow. But it is the law. You must wait for pedestrians to completely finish going through the crosswalk before making your turn.


  • Passing a Cyclist – When you are passing a cyclist you must give 1 meter of room beside them. This is for the safety of the cyclist to ensure there is no collisions. You also have to look for them when you are exiting your car. We don’t want anyone opening their car door and having a cyclist hit the door and seriously injure themselves.


  • “Move Over” – Whenever you see an emergency vehicle (including tow trucks) with it’s flashing lights on the side of the road, you must slow down and move into the next lane. This is for the safety of all the emergency workers who may be getting out of vehicles and attending to a situation. Failing to do so could cost you $490 and 3 demerit points!


  • Alcohol and drugs – We all know drinking and driving is a huge legal and social “no-no”. But now if you are found driving under the influence of drugs you face the same well-deserved harsh penalty! This is a no-brainer, if you have ingested anything that messes with your head, don’t get behind the wheel.


Remember, driving is a privilege not a right. We want everyone to enjoy the freedom of the road (hopefully behind the wheel of one of our Used Vehicles!) but we also want to put the safety of everyone first. Every time you get behind the wheel, remember that the goal for the day is to make it home in one piece.

Drive Safe! 

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