3 Pickup Trucks Perfect for Life in Bowmanville

A lot of different types of people live in the Bowmanville area, and it’s amazing to see how many individuals can use a pickup truck. Trucks come in a range of sizes, trims, and capabilities and there has never been a better selection available. Whether you’re a contractor or construction worker in need of a serious work truck, or a weekend warrior looking for a mid-size truck that can still get you to the cottage and back, we have the trucks you need.

Here are 3 affordable trucks that are ideal for life in Bowmanville:


Ford Ranger


Ford Ranger

It’s a shame that Ford isn’t making the Ford Ranger any longer because it really is a capable, versatile truck. There’s little wonder why used Rangers are so popular: they’re a reasonable size, but still capable of some impressive feats. Available with the FX4 off-road package, the Ford Ranger is the perfect truck for a weekend warrior who likes to mountain bike, fish, or head deep into the bush for a weekend of camping and hunting. You can find Rangers from the 2007 and 2008 model year that are incredibly affordable and incredibly capable. If the Ranger sounds like the right mid-size truck for you, browse our inventory and find your Ranger.

“This truck is always reliable because of its simplicity which is reflected in its low-price. You can easily spend more money on a Toyota Tacoma, but at the end of the day the Ranger is more reliable and will get you from A to B for less money.” - Edmunds.com





Ram 1500 Big Horn ‚Äč


Ram 1500 Big Horn

The RAM 1500 Big Horn is proof a rugged and capable truck can still be luxurious and comfortable. With a powerful diesel engine, the Big Horn can easily tow your boat to the lake or a trailer full of heavy equipment to the job site. Backing up the truck to attach a trailer to the hitch is made a lot easier with the RAM’s backup camera, and a top-notch navigation and infotainment system, along with comfortable seats with good support, make the RAM a dream to drive. Business owners and managers who still like to get their hands dirty will love this feature-packed truck. You can get a late model RAM 1500 Big Horn for a really reasonable price, so check out our inventory for our latest RAM arrivals.

“You’ll want to look closely at the 2016 RAM 1500. A unique coil spring rear suspension gives it the smoothest unloaded ride yet, but it can still tow your trailer like a champ…”  - Edmunds.com




GMC Sierra 2500HD


GMC Sierra 2500HD

There is no doubt about it, the GMC Sierra 2500HD is a serious work truck. It may not be flashy, but this ruggedly handsome workhorse is a towing and hauling machine. Complete with 4x4 and a 6L V8 engine, the 2500HD is designed for hard, demanding work on the construction site or on the farm. Built to last, a used GMC Sierra 2500HD can be a great buy for anyone in need of a rugged work truck that can take a beating and keeping on going.

“GMC Sierra HD heavy-duty pickups are well suited to real-world use and abuse. They can haul tons of brick and cement and tow the concrete pump, then turn around to be used for a night on the town or grocery shopping while the fifth-wheel's left in camp or the horses are in the corral.” AutoBlog




Do any of these trucks suit your needs? Our truck inventory is always changing, so be sure to browse our inventory for our latest pickup options.

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