3 Things Smart Shoppers Look for In a Used Car

Shopping for a new used car brings a wave of emotions for everyone. Excited, scared, and nervous top the list of the most felt emotions. If you are shopping for a used car it is also important to consider that your priorities are different than those shopping brand new. The bottom line is that you are looking to get the most car or vehicle for your budget.

Below are the 3 most important factors you need to be considering before rushing out and making this big decision about which car to purchase. It’s tempting to jump the gun and look for what appears to be the best deal, or of course become blinded by the excitement of you behind the wheel of your “realistic” dream car.


Purchasing a use vehicle is a scary decision. You want to make sure that the car you choose is going to do its job and be reliable for you and your family. The best advice is to not just look at the specifics of the car in question but look and do your research on the make and model. You want to be informed if a certain vehicle is known for major maintenance work or problems before you make a purchase. You want to maximize the life the vehicle has left in it after you buy it.

Operating Costs

This is huge. Operating costs such as general fuel, maintenance and repair of the vehicle are not included in the cost of the car or the payments. These will always be extra. You need to make sure your pocket book can handle the weekly gas requirements you need to put the vehicle to use. Easily these extras of buying a car can add up to more than the cost of the payments if you are not careful. Don’t put yourself in the position of possibly losing the car before you have a chance to own it.


Looks are important to us, but make sure comfort is at the top of your list of priorities when buying a new used vehicle. You will most likely be spending a lot of time behind the while of your new car so make sure you fit in it right. Make sure you are not too tall for the driver’s seat and that you can comfortably touch the pedals and make adjustments. You’ll thank yourself after purchase that you paid attention to this.

While these 3 factors are extremely important when considering which car or vehicle you should purchase, the most important factor of all is deciding who to purchase the car from. Buying from a private owner can be very scary and a lot of people get burned this way. You want to make sure you are making this major purchase from a reputable vendor in your area to ensure that you have coverage if something goes wrong very quickly with the car.

Tip Top Auto in Clarington has the reputation and the selection to help put your mind at ease when purchasing your new vehicle. Our friendly and helpful staff does not want you to rush into decisions that you can‘t handle and will be patient with you to make sure you’re behind the wheel quickly and comfortably!

Contact us at Tip Top Auto today if you have any questions about buying a new used car or truck! (905) 623-2366.

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