3 Worst Intersections in Bowmanville

Bowmanville is growing very quickly and with that the amount of traffic on the roads is growing every day. There are a lot of bad corners that you must be cautious of while navigating the streets.

We had a few of our workers collect data from their Facebook accounts asking their “friends” which are the worst intersections to navigate in the Bowmanville & Clarington area. We had a lot of feedback which leads us to believe that there are an awful lot of unhappy Bowmanvillians driving around out there these days.

We did narrow it down to the top 3 (ish) intersections to share with you. But please, if you strong disagree we are excited to hear from you as well!

Hwy 2 & 57 (Voted worst intersection in Durham Region!)

This is notoriously bad for having visits from the emergency response teams in Bowmanville. The number one problem it seems is when drivers are looking to make a left-hand turn going either east or west. There is limited visibility to see the oncoming traffic and there are a lot of T-bone accidents.

Baseline & 401 Ramp (and Liberty/Baseline)

3. Way. Stop. If you are from Bowmanville than you are used to this unusually busy intersection in which a lot of drivers are coming from Liberty street and making their way to the 401. We know this is a 3 way stop. But drivers from out of town are less used to this set up and that means they tend to proceed from their stop sign going east on Baseline as the next driver is coming west and turning onto the 401 ramp.

Hwy 2 and Scugog

This one is right as you are heading west leaving our beautiful down town area of town. The whole downtown area can be jammed packed with cars at many times in a regular day and some drivers will want to get ahead by beating the lights going in and out of town. This has caused many of the accidents in this corner. One recommendation while navigating this corner is to skip it all today! Take Church or Queen and avoid the build of traffic on King Street.

Bowmanville is growing at an alarming rate which means there is always going to be a lot of traffic throughout the day in the downtown and exits of town areas. Please make sure to double-check, and triple check that the roads are clear before you are making your turns. Also, take your time to relax and realize that the other drivers on the roads are humans too.

Leave a comment on the blog post or on our social media account link to spark a conversation about whether you agree with this list or not!

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