Ask a Tip Topper

The staff at Tip Top Auto Shop know a thing or two about shopping for a used vehicle. You might even call them experts (although they may blush). Andrew Buschert is the new co-owner of Tip Top, looks good in heels, and freely admits that, “My nephew tells me I used to be cool.” And as one of the auto experts on staff, he has some valuable helpful advice for car shoppers along with some inside Tip Top information. Enjoy:




What’s Your Favourite Vehicle That has Been on the lot This Year?

“2017 Black Subaru WRX STI that looked super tough and super fast.”


What’s Good Commuting Vehicle?

Andrew says that the best bang-for-your-buck commuter vehicle is the Chevy Cruze. It’s fuel efficient, has lots of space, and they're affordable.


What’s Your Favourite Thing About Tip Top Auto?

Andrew loved working at Tip Top so much, he’s now a co-owner! His favourite thing is the environment; unlike many jobs and car dealerships, Tip Top has a really laid back environment. There is no pressure on staff or on customers, and that makes the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone. He says their team “truly acts and feels like a family.” Nobody ever needs to lie to their boss about sales numbers or fib to customers about features or a car’s history. Andrew is proud of Tip Top’s staff being so honest and truthful.


Do You Have Any Tips for Used Vehicle Shoppers?

1. Buy from a reputable dealer

2. Ask for a CarProof report

3. Read reviews and talk to past customers. According to Andrew, you can get a good sense of a business from its reviews—any place will have some bad ones from some internet grump—but overall you'll find out about the staff and the dealership's environment and how well it suits you.


Biggest Car Dealership Myth

Andrew believes that the biggest myth about used dealers is that they are all full of sleazy salespeople. Of course, some dealerships have that, but oftentimes dealers like Tip Top Auto pride themselves on being the exact opposite of the cliche used car salesperson. "This is a highly regulated industry and it isn't like it used to be years ago,” he says.


SUV vs. CUV, What’s the Difference?

Andrew thinks the biggest difference is SUVs are more like "trucks with more seating" and are built on tough frames and generally have a decent towing capacity. In comparison, CUVs are built on car frames. Nowadays, he says, the lines are so blurred that this isn't always the case.


Growing Family Cars

He believes that a van will always give you the most bang-for-your-buck in this department, but knows that a lot of people are against driving vans based purely on reputation: that's what their parents drove. He says vans will give you the best value and tons of room to haul your family and your luggage. You can now get tons of different 7-seater options in a variety of sizes, big, small, and everything in between.


Have a burning automotive question? Contact Andrew and the rest of the Top Top Team today, they’re always happy to answer questions and give expert advice.

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