Driving with Wild Life in Ontario

With the first long weekend of the summer behind us, our Facebook news feeds and other social media sites are riddled with traffic accidents and drinking and driving stories. We at Tip Top Auto here in the Oshawa/Bowmanville area wanted to write a quick article about the importance of being aware of your surroundings. This includes wild life.


Did you know that 4 to 8 accidents including large animals (deer, moose, ect) happen every hour in Canada? Everyone shares stories of this and usually there is a comedic undertow to them, but it can be very dangerous.



How to prevent a collision with a wild life animal on those road trips you’re taking this summer:


  1. Be alert – While it’s tempting to hit the road as soon as you can on a Friday to head out for the weekend, if you’re tired, don’t. Being sleepy at the wheel makes it less likely you are going to notice animals and other hazards in your path. Make sure your windows are down if you do begin to feel tired. The fresh air can help you for the last leg of your trip.
  2. Pay attention to animal crossing signs. They are not put up just to remind you there are deer in the wooded area you may be passing through. The province put those signs where there is wild life actually crossing in that spot. If you see the sign, pay even closer attention.
  3. Use your high beams when you can. If you are driving down back country roads with little traffic in the dark you are more likely to spot a deer in the road with your high beams on. They give you a little extra warning if you should ever have to stop in a hurry. “A deer in headlights” is not just a saying. Animals panic when cars are suddenly approaching and they don’t always move.
  4. Slow down! We cannot stress this enough. It is extremely tempting to put the pedal to the metal when you are trying to get to the cottage for the weekend. The speed limit on roads is there for a reason (imagine that). It is there because that is the maximum speed you should be traveling on any given road to provide safety to yourself and your surroundings.


There are many other common sense precautions you can take while driving this summer and we aren’t going to list all of them. The bottom line is that we are sharing this beautiful province with animals that are going to end up on the roads. It’s important you take your safety and theirs into consideration when using the roads.


Another warning to note – Oshawa has seen many sightings of bears within city limits since the construction of the 407 is forcing them to find food elsewhere. Be aware of wild animals on the roads even within towns and cities! We personally don’t know anyone who has hit a bear with a vehicle, but we are going to guess it would do a lot of damage to your vehicle – and the bear!


At Tip Top Auto we want our customers and all drivers to have fun on the roads, but also be safe! Check back to our blog often for more tips on summer driving survival. If you are in the market for a new-to-you vehicle in the Oshawa or Bowmanville area, give us a call 1-888-363-8935 or check out our online inventory

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