Hard Top vs Soft Top – Which Should You Choose?

Are you thinking about getting a convertible for your next ride? At Tip Top Auto we are seeing more and more coming onto our lot and we are excited to play matchmaker to find their perfect new owners. However, we do want to make sure that our customers are making good and informed decisions when it comes to buying their new-to-them convertible car.

A lot of people have their own opinions on whether or not a hard or soft top is better for their convertible (this includes Jeeps too!). Below are the list of


Hard tops are generally safer than soft tops in the tragic even of a roll over accident. Why, well for the most part it’s obvious, it’s a hard top which will protect and leave more space when an impact occurs between the roof of the vehicle and the passengers inside. We are not saying that soft tops are not safe though. They do have safe bars in place to protect to the best of their ability in the unfortunate event of a roll over accident.


Hard tops are made up of a roof that folds away which tends to be more durable than the vinyl pulled on metal ribs of a soft top. Choosing to buy a convertible will mean there is a chance you will need to replace the roof regardless of whether it is hard or soft. No doubt about it, a hard top will prove to be more durable than a soft top. However, if you need to replace for repair reasons, it will cost a lot less to replace a soft top roof than a hard top.

Weather Protection

We live in Durham and Clarington, so we have to deal with 4 seasons of weather (sometimes within one week!). So you want to make sure your convertible will withstand the cold, and also very quick weather changes. Again a heard top will be more weather resistant, but more expensive to replace if you should need to replace it.

Electronic Systems

Hard tops have more moving pieces that have to be maintained on the vehicle. Therefore, it will be more likely that there will be an electrical problem with your new-to-you ride. The repair bill on a hard top vs a soft top is much higher.


Soft top convertibles are generally less expensive than hard tops and also, less expensive to fix. So if cost is a main factor in which version of a convertible you should buy, then a soft top is the way to go!

The bottom line is that you are going to get what you pay for with convertible cars. You want to make sure you have done all of your research prior to being transfixed with the idea of crusin’ around the Roenigk corner into downtown Bowmanville in a beautiful convertible. If you are looking for more information on convertibles, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give your local experts a call (us, obviously!) 905-623-2366. If you’re looking to cruise through our inventory of convertibles to see if something catches your eye, give this link a click! https://www.tiptopauto.ca/inventory

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