How to get the best deal on a used vehicle in Ontario, PLUS three resources you definitely need to check out

Are you looking to buy a new vehicle in Ontario and don’t know where to start? Tip Top Auto wants to make sure you get the best deal possible. The philosophy of our dealership is a little different from most, we believe in helping you identify your needs and getting you behind the wheel of the vehicle of your dreams. 

No Commission Sales 

Unlike other dealerships, our tour guides and solution specialists do not work on commission. Our low pressure sales approach means staff can work with you for as long as it takes to find out what you need and which vehicle will work for you based on your lifestyle and budget. We love selling cars, but we will never make a promise we can’t keep to it.

Fair & Competitive Pricing

We know it’s frustrating to feel like getting a fair price is a battle. We don’t believe you should have to barter and haggle for the best price. Tip Top Auto offers it upfront. Tip Top Auto doesn't have any hidden charges or administration fees tacke din at the end to surprise to - we can't stand them and know you can’t either. We also do our research and keep am eye on our competitors in the Bowmanville, Clarington and Courtice area to bring you the best prices around.

Our 5-Day Return Policy

We understand that you might get buyers remorse or discover a vehicle you thought you loved just doesn't work for you, that’s okay. Tip Top Auto has a 5-day (or 500 km) return policy. You can bring the vehicle back, no questions asked (provided it hasn't been damaged and the ownership is still in the name of the purchaser.) We will help you exchange it for another vehicle so you are completely satisfied.

Before you start visiting dealerships,Tip Top Auto has some resources you definitely need to check out to ensure you are getting the best deal possible on your used vehicle. 

Kelley Blue Book and Canadian Black Book are the industry leaders in telling you the straight truth about car pricing. If a dealerships price closely matches the one you saw in on one of these sites you can believe you are getting a fair deal.

The is an excellent resource for researching vehicles before you buy. You can find a specific make and model or you can compare model features, prices and ratings of different vehicles in a category if you need to narrow your choices. It also offers reviews. It’s really easy to use and should be bookmarked if you are in the market for a new automobile. 

Edmunds is another excellent resource for research. In addition to the functionality of, Edmunds also offers information on incentives and rebates, along with a payment calculator for a comprehensive experience. 

At Tip Top we want the car buying experience to be as efficient and painelss as possible. Our dealership expereince along with the resources we provided shoudl help you make sure you are getting the best price in the Durham region. 

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