How to Use The New Roundabouts in Bowmanville & Oshawa

The way to slow and manage traffic on the roads in Bowmanville and Oshawa are changing. The standard 4-ways stops are turning into “Roundabouts”. Yes, that is what they are actually called; we had to look it up too. With this new way of managing traffic there are already debates on the proper etiquette involved in using them. We want our customers and the community to be using these properly and safely going forward. Here are some tips for using roundabouts correctly. 


  • The first one is obvious. Slow down. Stop signs are meant for you to stop, look both ways and then safely proceed. A lot of drivers abuse 4-way stops by coming to a “rolling stop” or worse, ignoring them all together. Roundabout force you to slow down. If you don’t you will most likely end up on top of the roundabout and taking signage with you. By forcing you to slow down with the roundabouts it gives drivers the chance to actually look for pedestrians and on-coming traffic before continuing through the section.


  • Use your signals! This one is not quite the no-brainer you would think it should be. You signal when you are entering the roundabout and then again when you are getting out of one. This gives all other traffic a clear idea of your intention while using them. If you are not signaling when you are choosing your exit point there becomes chaos and the other vehicles will not know your intention.


  • Always, Always, Always go counter-clockwise. It’s not a joke or funny to try going the other way. This has actually become somewhat of a game for young drivers in the Clarington area and we highly advise against it. Once you’re in a roundabout you can’t just turn off whenever you would like and it is a tight squeeze. Keep the safety of yourself and other drivers in mind when using these.


  • Do not stop in a roundabout. Unless you are stopping to avoid a collision, you must keep moving until you are safely out of the circle. Other drivers will not expect you to be stopping and you are most likely going to cause a rear end collision if you do. If you miss your cut off, keep going around until you’re back at it.


  • Always remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way. So be cautious and careful of those travelling by foot, especially at night when it might be harder for you to see them.


When driving through these new roundabouts in Bowmanville and Oshawa our best advice as other drivers start to get the hang of using them, is to be patient. Not everyone who uses the platform wrong means to do it intentionally. Be aware of what you are doing and your surrounding traffic to avoid possible collisions or harm to pedestrians.


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