Old Scugog Road Driving Etiquette

It's that time of year in Bowmanville! The nights are getting longer and it's getting much colder outside (given this year is quite warm so far!). Living in Clarington there is always so much to do in the month of December. There are parades, tree lighting ceremonies (which is actually tonight!), and other holiday traditions that many of us love to enjoy. By far one of the most popular holiday traditions for Bowmanvillians is going to see the lights on Old Scugog Road. Of course we hope you are enjoying this experience in one of our used vehicles (sorry, we had to!), but really, any vehicle will do for this experience! 

Visiting Old Scugog Road in December also comes with frustrations and is a topic of Facebook rants every year. We compiled a quick list of driving etiquette's that should be followed to help everyone enjoy this experience! 

1. Respect - People live in the houses on Old Scugog Road. You want to make sure you are giving the people that are putting on this wonderful tradition every year respect. This means, DO NOT LITTER. Those timmies coffee cups stay in your car until you find a garbage. You also need to respect that the people that live on Old Scugog need to live their lives too. Do not block their driveways if they are trying to get out or get in. These families put on a great show every year so please do anything you can to help them get around their own neighbourhood.

2. Go with the flow - When you are entering Old Scugog Road stay on the right side of the road and enter the courts on the right side (this applies either way you enter). Do not go from one court straight across to the court on the other side of Old Scugog Road. This creates a nice flow when there are line ups of people waiting to see the lights! 

3. Give yourself time - If you are going to Old Scugog Road i December you should already know this one. It will take time to get through all of the sections. During the week it takes about half an hour and weekends can take up to an hour. Going closer to Christmas means a longer wait! Do not be in a rush and you will enjoy this experience much more. 

4. Do not trespass - This should be a given, but we're going to list it anyway. Do not feel free to walk onto the properties to get an up-close picture of one of the light attractions. A quick one from the road is fine, even better if your are not driving and don't have to get out of your car to do so! The only time you are allowed to trespass is to add a donation to the drive bin! 

5. Be safe - Turn down the radio and pay attention to your surroundings. Emergency vehicles still need access to this road in case of an emergency. 

We hope all the families in Durham and Clarington have an amazing holiday season! Enjoy the lights, enjoy the music, but most importantly, enjoy the time you get to spend with your family! 

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