Test Drive Tips from Tip Top’s Pros

When shopping for a great used vehicle, there are a lot of decisions to make. People often wonder how many vehicles they should test drive, what types of things they should look for in a vehicle, and ultimately what style of vehicle is best for them. Here are some of our test drive tips from our vehicle tour guides to help make your decision that much easier.

How Many Vehicles Should I Test Drive?

We suggest that you test drive about three vehicles! You’re welcome to test drive just one, and you’re welcome to test drive more than three.

The reason we suggest trying three vehicles is to avoid decision fatigue. When you start trying too many vehicles, it can be hard to remember how each one felt, what features you liked/didn’t like, and how they each compare. Don’t overload your pedal foot—keep it simple.

If you test just one, either you really know what you like or you might be selling yourself short. Some people prefer this approach, while others feel like they’re missing out. If you test drive just one, you might wonder what else is out there or if you’re leaving comfy seats and the best sunroof on the lot.

How do I Decide what to Try?

Most people come to us with a general idea of what type of vehicle that they want. By that, we mean that many families come to us looking for an SUV that seats five, truck lovers come to us knowing they want a quad-cab truck with room for everyone, and some people are simply looking for a commuter car to take them from Bowmanville to Oshawa or the big city.

Once you know what style of vehicle you want, we suggest narrowing down what brands you’re comfortable with. Many people have their own set of yes or no brands that they’re open to trying or completely against. However you choose yours, we’re here to make trying them easy. We suggest doing some research to understand what features of each are available and how important they are to you and your family. From there, you’ll have a list and we’ll have the inventory! Pick the ones you’re most interested in and contact us.

How to Try Used Cars

At Tip Top Auto, we’re a no pressure dealership. What does that mean? Our team of tour guides doesn’t work on commission and won’t pressure you into a decision. Our most important goal is to help you find the right vehicle for you—not just to sell you one.

To make this easier, we offer two ways to test drive:

1. We’ll bring the test drive to you! Pick a vehicle that sparks your interest and we’ll bring it to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or work, we can meet you where you’re at to help you save time and make the process more calendar-friendly.

2. Stop on by! We’re here in Clarington to serve Bowmanville, Oshawa, and the Durham Region. We aim to provide the best, stress-free car buying experience out there. When you visit, we’ll get you set up with the keys and get you behind the wheel of what could be your next vehicle. Easy as that.

Ready to drive for yourself? Here are the next steps:

• Check out our inventory, there’s something for everyone

• View our blog for tips, tricks, model highlights, and more

Reach out to have us come to you or to have us get the keys ready


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