The Pros and Cons of Buying a Car that Stands Out

Gone are the days when buying a car meant you had the choice between Black, Silver, White and a few other colours that don’t stand out. In today’s auto market the new “in” thing is vibrant, bright colours. Your first instinct when looking to buy a used vehicle might be to go for the bright florescent orange car on the dealer’s lot. Yes, you want to buy smart and have a fuel efficient vehicle, but that orange car is just so cool! At Tip Top Auto we do tend to agree that these hot colours do make your vehicle stand out when you’re driving it around Durham and Clarington, however, as always you much weigh the pros and cons.



  1. It looks cool – This is a pro because every time you look at your car or truck you will get a good feeling. You will remember the memories all the time of why you chose that bright car and will want to work towards keeping it looking that way. You will also get a lot of attention from people commenting on the love for the car colour!
  2. It might increase resale value – If you own a pretty standard vehicle and are thinking about reselling it, you will most likely have an easier time if it’s a car that stands out among the rest of the same make and models you are competing with. 
  3. You will always find your vehicle easily in a parking lot – no explanation here needed but this does come in very handy.


Sold on a bright car colour after that list? Hold on just a few more minutes because you always need to make an informed decision. Here is the list of cons you might not have considered.


  1. Your car will be recognized everywhere – this is especially annoying in smaller cities and towns. You won’t be able to go anywhere without getting people saying to you “were you at the Timmies on King street in Oshawa the other day”? This doesn’t seem like it might get annoying because really, who doesn’t love attention – but it does. Going to the hospital? Yep, people will know. Going to an ex-girlfriend’s soccer game? Well, the word will be out.
  2. Vandalism – It’s an extremely sad world we live in sometimes. Cars that draw attention to themselves are more likely to be victims of vandalism. A customer of Tip Top Auto told us she did not want to buy another car that stood out because the last one would randomly in random places have windows smashed in, the car keyed or things thrown at it. One very important thing to consider when buying your next used vehicle.
  3. Risk of getting a ticket – Since your car stands out from the crown, the police are more likely to pay attention to you. We hope you aren’t speeding or parking where you shouldn’t be, but if you do, you are more likely to get caught.
  4. Bird Poop – Yes, we mean that. Bright coloured cars are more likely to become victims of this unsightly crime. Birds see your vehicle and are more likely to do their business above it. We swear it’s like target practice for them!


The bottom line, when buying a used vehicle make sure your research all aspects of your potential new ride before making a decision. At Tip Top Auto we pay attention to the feedback of our customers and actively work to make sure new customers are armed with all the information they need to be happy with their new car or truck. We all want to look good in our new vehicle and if you decide on that electric orange car – good for you! Rock it! If you have any more questions regarding buying a used vehicle give our team a call 905-623-2366 or go to our online inventory

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