Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2


If you happen to have been driving through Bowmanville on Saturday, June 17th, you likely saw a huge crowd of people.

Depending on when you passed through, you may have also have witnessed an excited group of men walking swiftly in high-heel shoes.

You happened upon the Bowmanville’s annual SummerFest, and those guys strutting around in women’s shoes? That was a proud group of Tip Top Auto staff and other community members who were taking part in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. This important organization’s goal is to expose the underlying issues of sexual and domestic violence and gender discrimination toward women.

The Tip Top Auto staff have championed this important cause before, and this year the staff were more than happy to strap on some ill-fitting women’s shoes and walk a mile to raise awareness. In fact, our team is already practicing their strides for next year’s event.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes and Bowmanville’s Summerfest are examples of community events we love to be a part of. Thanks to everyone who attended Summerfest and cheered us on as we sauntered through Bowmanville to help shine a spotlight on domestic violence.

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words so enjoy our photo gallery from the day.

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