When Should I Trade-In My Car?

People in Ontario spend a lot of time in cars. Commuting to work, visiting friends and family, and taking the kids to a birthday party, are all parts of our lives that find us on the road. Spending so much time behind the wheel emphasizes how vital those wheels are. That's why we understand that deciding to trade-in your vehicle is a big decision that requires careful consideration.

Is My Car Too Old?

‘They don’t build them like they used to,’ is a cliche that doesn’t apply to cars. ‘They never built cars like they do now,’ is a more accurate statement. Hanging on to your car for as long as possible may seem like a frugal move, but take a second to consider what people expect from newer cars today. It wasn't that long ago that heated seats were an unattainable dream, but many automakers now have them as a standard feature. BlueTooth didn't exist so many years ago and sounded more like a brand of penny candy. Your used car may or may not have these features, but the longer we wait to trade in our aging vehicles the more out of date the comforts and styling become. Potential buyers may be less interested the more dated things appear. It's not only a matter of how much money you'll save by holding out for a few more years but how challenging the sale will be when those years are done. To get a feel for what your vehicle it may be worth taking a second to check the value with Canadian Black Book. It may help answer that nagging question, 'Is my car too old?'

Used Car Reliability

We rely on our cars heavily, and when our ride is unreliable it can throw our lives into chaos. It's everyone's nightmare to find yourself on the side of Highway #2 with a car that isn't running and a dashboard that's lit up like an angry Christmas tree. No matter how good you were with the routine maintenance on your vehicle, the older cars get, the more skeptical buyers become. Age not only factors into the newer technology put into the car in terms of safety and fuel efficiency, but how easily it will be to sell the vehicle.

Used car reliability is also a core value for our sales team as well. At Tip Top Auto we don't just sell cars, we sell peace of mind. Our 5 Day Exchange Policy creates a low-pressure atmosphere that doesn't leave customers rushed or feeling regret.

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Private Sale vs. Dealer Trade-In

So, you've decided that it's time to change what you drive, but you can't choose whether to make a private sale or go through Tip Top Auto for a trade-in? If you do go the sell-it-yourself route you're not just signing up to sell your car, you've just become your own marketing and advertising company and secretary, fielding phone calls from less than serious shoppers at all hours of the day. Additionally, you'll have to arrange for the safety that most used car purchasers insist on having. At Tip Top Auto we're a turn-key solution to your trade-in woes. Let us deal with the details.


Purchasing a car outright is a substantial upfront expense. By selling your car privately, you are limiting the potential buyers of your car to those people that can pay the price you've advertised all at once. At Tip Top we can offer financing that will drastically broaden the number of drivers who can afford your used car.

If you think the time is right to trade-in your vehicle start the no commitment process of getting your vehicle appraised with us. Our team is always excited to make the Tip Top family bigger one driver at a time!


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