What's In a CarProof Report?


Tip Top Auto’s pre-owned inventory is loaded with high-quality cars, trucks, and SUVs all backed by a comprehensive CarProof report. Our tour guides want you to feel comfortable purchasing your next used vehicle and provide a detailed history of your chosen vehicle. No surprises when it comes to past damage, outstanding liens or questionable ownership history. CarProof and Tip Top Auto do all the legwork for you so you can rest assured that shopping with us is never a gamble. Never doubt the quality of a vehicle from Tip Top Auto. Learn more about CarProof and start shopping our online inventory today.


Carfax Canada Reports

If you are unsure about your vehicle’s past, a complete history of your vehicle’s past owners, as well as accident claims across the USA and Canada, come with a report. Take a look at the sample report on this page to get a better understanding of how Carfax keeps you in the know.

What's Included in a Carfax Canada Report?


Accident, Collision and Damage History

Major accidents can lead to major repairs. CarProof outlines any incidents where your vehicle was damaged in a collision or accident.


Canadian Registration and Branding

Know where your vehicle is coming from with a record of import or exports between the US and Canada.




Stolen Vehicle Check

“That’s a hot car” takes on whole new meaning if your vehicle is stolen. CarProof checks the police database to search for reported thefts associated with your vehicle.




Import Records

Lots of owners may be a red flag. CarProof gives you a list of all registered vehicle owners in both the Canada and the US.



Any Other Applicable Records

Your CarProof report will include any other details that may come up in a vehicle history report.



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