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Oshawa, Bowmanville, and the entire Durham region are made up of a huge variety of people. Different people need different vehicles to suit their lifestyles. That’s where we come in. As the region's premier used car dealer, our goal is to you’re driving the right vehicle for your needs for an affordable price.

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Person driving a carCommuter 

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is right next door, and for many people in the Durham region, commuting to the big city is a daily thing. If you’re commuting by yourself, or car pooling, having the right type of vehicle is important. We have a selection of small commuter cars that are great on gas; and for those in need of a bit more space to fit a couple of colleagues, a small SUV or crossover is the way to go.


Flip flopsRetiree

Congratulations on retirement! It’s time that you start driving a comfortable, nice handling vehicle, with a few creatures comforts. You don’t have to break the bank to drive a nice (even luxurious) full-size sedan that will deliver everything you’re looking for. From road trips to see the grand kids to running errands during the day, we have a range of cars that will suit your needs perfectly.



Stack of booksStudent

When you’re a college or university student, having a reliable vehicle makes life a lot easier. You’re not looking for anything fancy, just a reliable car to get to school and work. We’ve got you covered. Our finance team will work hard to secure you an auto loan so you can drive away in a reliable and affordable vehicle. If you’re a student, contact our finance team for more details on how they can help get you a pre-owned vehicle.


Camp fireWeekend Warrior
We’re lucky enough to live incredibly close to lakes, rivers, forests, and everything the great outdoors has to offer. For the nautical type, we have a range of pickup trucks that will tow your boat with ease. We also have a selection of SUVs for the adventurous type who wants to go off-road, or find a trail in the bush to bring your mountain bike.


Hard hatTrades

The obvious choice for many tradespeople is a rugged pickup truck. For plumbers, landscapers, contractors, and similar jobs, a truck just makes sense. We have plenty. We also carry a range of vans which more and more painters and similar professions love for the space to carry their equipment. They’re also quite affordable. Contact us and we’ll help you find the right truck or van for your career.


Trade toolsDIY’er

Thinking about building a deck, a shed, maybe doing a little gardening? You’re a Do-It-Yourself’er and you need a versatile vehicle that can do a little of everything. You need space to transport the materials and equipment you’ll need for your list of projects, but you may not need a big, hulking truck taking up your driveway. There’s a good chance we have an SUV that’s the right size for your DIY ways. Check out our vehicle selection and find the right size SUV for your needs.


Family busts Family

Big family? Small family? Growing family? We’ve got the right vehicle options for you. Big or growing families will love the space and versatility of a minivan or a full-size SUV. Smaller families may prefer a mid-size car that’s a bit more nimble and better on gas. Browse our selection of vans and SUVs and find the right one for your family’s needs.



Light bulbEntrepreneurs

Owning a business, especially in the first few years of operation, is a busy time for any entrepreneur. You’re going to need a reliable used car to get around to meetings, or maybe a van to deliveries. We have a range of vehicles to suit the needs or any entrepreneur. Browse our inventory and see for yourself.


Puzzle piece Someone Completely Different

At the end of the day, no two people are exactly alike If none of these categories apply to you, don’t worry, we’re still going to find the right vehicle for your needs and lifestyle. Contact our team today and we’ll get to work hunting for the perfect vehicle for you.

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